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Chart Package
Chose from 10 Available Color Schemes
Here is the Jobs for Hire Chart package and what it includes:

1) 8.5x11 Laminated Chore Chart
2) Jobs for Hire Training Goals Sheet (Worksheet for planning your job training process)
3) Choose Your Own Color Scheme (From 10 available color schemes!)
4) Personalized Magnet (Your Child's Name for the Chore Chart)
5) 15 Magnetic Jobs for Hire Icons (Color Coordinated with Chore Chart)
6) 7 Check Mark symbols
7) A "Jobs for Hire Tips & Suggestions" (one booklet per total customer order)
8) 2 Jobs for Hire Contracts (reproducible)
9) Jobs for Hire Bookkeeping paper booklet (reproducible)
Focuses on three goals: savings goal, giving goal and personal goal

Dear Customers,

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Thank you for your patience in this area.

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