Free! Download PDF Helping Hands Chore Games! Once you buy your Helping Hands Chore Chart, you can extend its usefulness by playing these fun games we have designed for the icons included in your package. It is just another useful way of using our product. Use it to help your children practice vocabulary, spelling and keep the motivation alive or simply have FUN! JUST THINK! They'll know how to spell "vacuum" on their next Spelling B without hesitation! (Some of us still get befuddled with that word, "Hmm, was that spelled "cc" or "uu" or "ccuu"!)
After these games, just ask your kids!

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Inpirational Work Stories for Kids

Here are some great "hard work" stories, poems and proverbs we have read to our children. Once a week we have an "English Tea Night!" and let them choose their own tea mugs and we serve up a special cookie treat and read a short story that encourages "good character traits" such as honesty, courage, hard work or integrity. Children enjoy them and they can become a great teaching tool when you are encouraging, admonishing or training your children in the area of responsibility through chores. One of our all time favorites is:
"Go to the ant...consider his ways and be wise!"
(Proverbs 6:6,7 - The Bible)

Work Inspiring Stories & Poems From Your Local Library or Home Library!

1) A Clean House for Mole, Harriet Ziefert
2) How the Camel Got His Hump, Rudyard Kipling
4) Perky Otter, Barbara deRubertis
5) Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, Virginia Lee Burton
6) The Tortoise and the Hare, Betty Miles
7) The Book of Virtues, William Bennett (Collection of Poems & Stories)
8) Not I, not I, Margaret Hillert
9)"Not now!" said the Cow, Joanne Oppenheim