FREE Dark Red Helping Hands Chore Chart 8.5x11 and Tips Booklet

For the first email taker! This Helping Hands Chore Chart and Tips Booklet is FREE IF you purchase a set of chore icons and personalized magnet for $5.00 to make your package complete. This is equivalent to a $3.75 discount off the already low package price of $8.75. You can chose either the Toddler/Preschool Chore Icons or the Standard 8.5x11 set of Chore Icons. The icons will match the color scheme of this chart. The total cost for your package with this deal is $5.00 plus your shipping and handling. This makes your Helping Hands Chore Chart Package complete and this deal complete.

You MUST buy a personalized magnet and chore icon set
in order to get the free chart and booklet deal!

Interested? Here is what you do! If you would like this chart and the deal, email us quickly. The first email request for the chart will get it. After we receive your request you will be notified via email and asked to confirm the deal by purchasing the set of icons. Once we receive your order via our automatic secure online ordering system, today's chart deal is YOURS.

If we do not receive your order for the icons on the same day, we will offer the deal to the next person who requested the deal via email or put the chart back on the web and offer it to someone else. Once we get the first email requesting this chart, we will take it off the web.

Email us at: FREEchart@responsiblehands.com
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