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Jenna: "Let's Chat!"    Nikolas: "What ARE we doing?"   Aleksander: "Let's Fidget!"
BTW, Nikolas had only been home for about 6 days when this shot was taken.

Our Little Siberian Princess

June, 1999
Jenna - sporting her summer blue outfit
and displaying her newest literary
favorite: The Toddler Bible!
Jenna is about 32 inches,
weighing a heafty 24 pounds.
Yes, there is room for growth!

Grow, Baby, GROW!

      August, 1999

      Blond hair, brown eyes and a "to die for" smile! I call this picture "Zhenya Pink" for obvious reasons!

November, 1999
New World or BUST!
She is our little pilgrim,
exploring new and uncharted
territories of the Widholm

A smash hit for our family
Thanksgiving Dinner!

      December, 1999
      Jenna in Winter!
      She is now a whopping 38 inches and about 32 pounds! She is growing in every way!

      Precious and Precocious!

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Our Little Siberian Stud!

June, 1999
Aleksander is the "happen'n" guy!
Here is his best rendition of
"I'm stocky, I'm cute, WATCH OUT!"
We can boast like this because
the ladies in nursery have a thing for him!

    August, 1999
         He smiles!
    The most popular comment we get about Aleks: "WOW! He's going to be a football player!"

November, 1999
SQUANTO! Our Thanksgiving Indian!

Yes, Mama did the unpardonable and put on the "war paint". He debuted as Squanto for our family Thanksgiving Play.