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"By Wisdom a house is built,
through Understanding its foundations are laid,
by Knowledge its rooms are filled
with rare and beautiful treasures"
(Siberian Treasures!)  Proverbs 24:3,4

Hmm, "STABILITY"! This one word seems to tag behind us quite a bit, tugging at our skirts and making itself quite the pest when we want to make even the simplist decision. It's that house foundation thing again! Well, being constantly reminded of it's presence, it was hard to ignore. So, when we got married, Erik and I chose this special scripture from the Bible to represent our new life together and since we couldn't shake off that blessed word from our consciences we simply added it to the many goals we thought we should attain to in the future. Thus, Proverbs 24: 3,4.

Soon, it became the vision for our new family and has worked itself into almost every facet of the things we sought after and want to seek after in our years to come.

Actually, this verse has proven to be very prophetic for us as a couple. Firm foundations and stability seem a pretty questionable prospect for a generation that is so unpredictable and shifty as ours! But not impossible! We realize how vitally important this will be for our children and their future!

Well, ultimately, such "stability" really comes from God and in making solid, well thought through decisions by running them by Him and asking Him to keep us in the center of His will (btw, that doesn't exclude some suffering, just in case you think I'm making a treaty for the "God of the happy-get-everything-they- want" heresy). We want to lean on the God who has helped us to build a good friendship, a good (no WONDERFUL) marriage and aids us with our newest and greatest challenge - parenting!   If you like it, take it! It's free! Maybe you'll become haunted by its constant admonition as we are: "how do you want Your house built?"